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Irregular Posts (November)
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Irregular Posts (November)

If I decide to keep a weekly log, I'll create a new page like this one for each week. I'll make sure to change the title and update the "most recent posting" link on the home page each time.

Sunday, Nov 10

Today we went to see Michael Moore's "Bowling in Columbine" at the Michigan State Theater. Fitting since the film revolves around Michigan themes (popcorn was buttery & salty- of great importance) Why is America a more violent nation? We are a nation that is fearful and paranoid. Those Canadians have less to worry about. Their health care is covered. Their doors are unlocked. They have guns to but they're willing to negotiate and not resort to shooting to solve problems. And eventually everything gets tied back to media and family values. If the media makes you afraid of your neighbors and the government tells you to work without providing childcare then those are the ingredients that melt together into something that won't turn out very right.
Lockheed Martin runs the welfare to work program as part of their effort to diversify their business. They employ workers from Littleton, CO where Matt Stone comes from. All these interwoven details are brilliant and scary because they work together to form a very sinister story.
*And Kurt Cobain suffered from insensible stomach pains that sound too awful to bear. This is why my friend said that if you're in pain nothing else much matters. You want to do everything you can to fix it or make it go away. 

Thursday, January 6

As I create my entries for each day, I'll also include pictures and other Web Gems to illustrate my points and to make the entries more fun to read.

Gondolas in Venice; Size=240 pixels wide

Here's a picture I took on a recent trip.