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Michigan Economic Development Corporation
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Focus Points
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The business services provided by the MEDC address a number of different issues faced by firms and communities in Michigan. This section addresses some of the programs that target specific MEDC policies.

Brownfield Redevelopment
Michigan brownfield law is designed to be developer-friendly. Owners and operators of contaminated sites are no longer required to pay for cleanup actions unless they caused the contamination in the first place. The goal is to expedite cleanup and return the land to productive use.
Community Assistance Team (CAT)
A team of regional managers conduct community assessments to help individual areas grow and become more competitive. Priorities for development include downtown improvement plans, mixed use projects that combine tourist attractions, housing and retail and business and technology parks.
Export Services
Michigan's top three export are Canada ($17.5B), Mexico ($4.8B) and Japan ($1.2B). MDEC has programs to assist companies in expanding their exporting operations. 12 MTACs (Michigan Technical Assistance Centers) provide export readiness guidelines and counseling regarding government regulations and preparation process. MEDC also has business offices worldwide to assist with trade issues.
Michigan Goes Hi-Tech
Michigan is not just a traditional manufacturing state anymore, but one that is coalescing around technology-focused industries. Advanced Manufacturing Technology is automotive high-technology which combines manufacturing with research/design, engineering and technologhy. Oakland County has an "Automation Alley" technology cluster. Ann Arbor has a high-tech "IT Zone".
In 1999 the state committed to a 20-year $1B initiative, that came from the state's settlement with the tobacco companies, to fund a Michgian Life Sciences Corridor focusing on health and medical research.

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